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Challenged Credit
We Can Help
Got turned down for your first home loan? No problem. All is not lost, there are credit repair services and counselors that can help you get back on track and closer to your dream of home ownership.
Negative information will eventually leave your credit report, typically after seven years. But you don't need to wait that long. We are partnering with a full service credit repair company that can assist you with credit restoration: this is part of our commitment!
Home Equity
Your Real Home Value
A lot of folks are truly unaware of what the value of their home is. Often times people rely on Zillow and other various inaccurate websites to give them what the value of their home is.... Zillow goes on tax assessed values and is often times well off the mark.
Have you looked at the value of your home from professional appraiser's point of view? With rates predicted to go to 5 before the end of this year, its time to refinance!
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Find The Best Loan
We offer expertise in conventional mortgage loans, jumbo loans, adjustable rates, 203K HARP and all in between. From refinancing your home to 10-year mark renovation we have you covered.
Our goal is to help you find you the best loan that fits your needs, wants, budget concerns.
You can start by using our free and quick pre-qualification form to give you an idea of what you qualify for and when you feel confident, we can let you know officially!
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FHA & Alternatives
First Time Home Buyers
We offer several programs for first time home buyers to help make purchasing your first home as affordable and seamless as possible.
FHA loan guidelines are flexible, downpayment can be very low and there are no prepayment penalties!
Your dream home made possible
with as little as 3.5% down.
Explore FHA and alternatives: Loans up to 90% LTV, Investment Programs with as low as 15% down.
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